Provision of data for research purposes

Problem description

There is a lack of suitable microdata for economic research in order to evaluate distributional effects, e.g. of monetary policy measures across economic units. Existing microdata sets are not easily usable or legal obstacles of the respective institutions collecting the data have to be overcome. The aim of the use case is to contribute to empirically addressing novel research questions in economics by combining different data sets.


One or more data providers can make microdata available for academic research via EuroDaT. Through the trustee, data from different sources can be anonymously linked to create new datasets that can be made available to the scientific community in an efficient and standardised manner. Institutions for which the provision of data via the data trustee is not possible for legal reasons, are able to use the infrastructure of EuroDaT to make their data available within their protected environment.

Based on the obtained data the use case aims at providing scientific research results on distributional effects of monetary policy measures. This project intends to demonstrate the feasibility of research projects based on the EuroDaT infrastructure to other researchers.

Use Case Lead

Goethe University - Prof. Dr. Rainer Haselmann, Prof. Dr. Maik Schmeling

Involved partners

ZEVEDI, Saarland University. Associated: German Bundesbank