In the app stores "Universal" and "Preset", we offer you standardised transactions based on the EuroDaT framework. Put together your perfect service package.

EuroDaT Universal

The majority of applications is located in EuroDaT Universal. Here, the extensive possibilities of EuroDaT can be individually combined and designed to suit your needs.

You as the client - usually a data service provider - define the data model, the GUI, the underlying process or the design of the results. The pricing is individualised. In the free market of EuroDaT Universal, comparable applications or applications with strongly overlapping functionality can be offered side by side. EuroDaT is completely neutral and open to any application that commits to the basic principles of EuroDaT.

EuroDaT Preset

The basis of the EuroDaT Preset applications are special, predefined transaction types for a limited, closed user group. This can be a group of public authorities but also a group of research institutions or private companies.

As part of your order, EuroDaT provides a basic architecture that includes a data model or GUI. At your request, algorithms from free third-party providers can in turn be integrated via an API. A typical use case for a EuroDaT preset is anomaly detection for fraud prevention.