EuroDaT is a reliable neutral trustee that decouples data providers, evaluations on the encrypted data and recipients of the results. EuroDaT also secures the IP of the data service providers: both for development and testing, as well as during standard operation.

The neutral and secure intermediary when it comes to data transactions.

Data transactionSecurityNeutrality

EuroDaT executes in transaction-based fashion. This distinguishes EuroDaT from other intermediaries, which are occasionally referred to as data trustees.

"Data trustees" can be associated with the idea of collection points where data is permanently stored, such as repositories ("data silos"). Personal Information Management Systems (PIMS) are also conceived as a form of fiduciary service, when they manage individuals' data according to their ideas vis-à-vis third parties, such as services.

In contrast, EuroDaT provides a fiduciary transaction.

EuroDaT provides environments for standard operation and for testing which supports development validation, testing and certification of data transactions.

In addition, we offer optional services, templates and system solutions for instantiating a customised data transaction: compose the optimal architecture for your application!


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The central building blocks for a data transaction with EuroDaT are the contract module, the storage module with individual lockers and, as the core, the computing module, in which the actual transaction executes in a fully automated and encrypted manner.


In the contract system, the regulations of the contract toolbox are created and translated into technical instructions for the other components.


In the storage system, the (certified) algorithms of the data service providers are kept in individual lockers. Furthermore, data providers also have the option of using individual data lockers if the data cannot be provided for a data transaction.

In the computing system, the encrypted data is incorporated into an encapsulated environment along with the associated algorithms for evaluation. After evaluation, results are produced for transmission to the users. All operations in the computing centre are based on the contract specifications.

Another building block is the test and development system. In contrast to standard operations, the focus here is on flexibility (not standardisation).

In the contract system, the individual regulations for the technical design of the test environment are defined and specific roles for access to the test facility are agreed upon.

In the test system, the data is made accessible to a defined group of users in an encapsulated environment. The import and export of data is strictly limited. The test facility is also used by EuroDaT itself for the certification of algorithms and error detection. All operations in the test facility are based on the contract specifications.

Additional services such as certification of algorithms or quality assurance of input/output data by EuroDaT are available.

Optional before commissioning

  • Contract design: Support for the translation of the planned data transaction into the contract toolbox
  • Algo-Design: Support for the development of suitable filters and algorithms for the planned data transaction

Optional during commissioning

  • Data check: One-time or regular check of the raw data or results
  • Contract check: Check of the legal framework of a planned data transaction
  • Algo check: One-time or regular check of employed algorithms or data filters

Mandatory as part of an assignment

  • KYC check: Check of all parties involved in a data transaction