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EuroDaT is a European data trustee with a unique data transaction principle that ensures the secure and legally compliant exchange of data between any parties and enables independent analysis of shared data.

EuroDaT was developed as part of a funding project of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. Since January 2022, an international consortium has been working on the legal and technological requirements. Based on 4 practical use cases, the foundation was laid for EuroDaT GmbH, which is available to carry out operational data transactions since July 2023.

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The packageThe building blocksThe test environmentThe fee model
The package
The building blocks
The test environment
The fee model

EuroDaT provides a comprehensive package of services, templates and system solutions to build a customised data transaction. The data is not collected and stored permanently but rather brought together exclusively for one transaction according to predefined rules.


As a trustee, EuroDaT provides the infrastructure for a wide range of applications. Standardised transactions based entirely on the EuroDaT framework can be selected from the App Stores: "EuroDaT Universal" and "EuroDaT Preset".

With safeAML, an app that helps banks in the fight against money laundering and financial fraud, EuroDaT is making a positive impact on society. Learn more!